Selling the Store

You’ve probably heard about the growth in online shopping, but what you may not realize is just how fast people are filling those virtual shopping carts. According to a recent forecast from Forrester Research, online retail sales in the states are expected to jump from $262 billion in 2013 to an estimated $370 billion in 2017.

While some may see numbers like these as the latest threat to the brick-and-mortar retail model, many leading retailers are beginning to see it as an opportunity to collapse the walls that have traditionally stood between the digital and physical sides of their business. Whether it’s through the shrewd placement of technology within a store or the re-creation of a physical experience online, retailers are actively experimenting with ways to tie their online and in-store brands into a singular, compelling narrative.

The exciting news is that designers have a crucial role to play in constructing these experiences, but where does one start? We spoke with a few designers currently working in the retail sector, and present their suggestions for creating immersive, connected retail environments.

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