MKDA Fashions Showroom for Randa

MKDA announced today that it has completed a New York Headquarters on behalf of Randa Accessories, a global leader in fashion accessories. The firm’s relocation to 33,000 square feet on the 11th Floor at 417 Fifth Avenue is part of a major initiative to consolidate, reinvent and grow the firm.

“Successful interiors are about more than good design. A well-designed, appropriate interior is crucial to a firm’s branding and integral to its operations and business goals,” said MKDA President Michael Kleinberg.

Situated on the building’s top-floor, the space features numerous skylights, 21 private offices and a central work area as well as several conference rooms, meeting rooms and multipurpose rooms that may be adapted for showroom, sales or studio use. Additional features include specialty areas such as a café, photo and video studio, and a shipping and receiving area with dedicated freight elevators.

“We collaborated with Randa’s executive team to create a multi-faceted office that could house multiple types of spaces without sacrificing design or functionality,” said MKDA Creative Director Edin Rudic. “While an efficient layout improves functionality, a timeless design honors the firm’s longevity and qualities of tradition, innovation, distinction and product diversity.”

“MKDA more than met our expectations with great design and quality service,” said Randa Accessories Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer David Katz. “Our new Headquarters delivers a spacious interior and an open layout that not only encourages collaboration but also provides a creative and flexible environment for our design and fashion driven business.”

Setting a warm and sophisticated tone, the reception area features a custom backlit reception desk, poured concrete flooring, Brazilian rosewood paneling, fabric-covered pendant light fixtures, and a soaring ceiling with sizable skylight. MKDA incorporated the firm’s brand into a feature wall designed in the firm’s signature red color with the white company logo prominently displayed.

MKDA leveraged the expansive open ceilings in the studio to create a loft-like environment that is warmed with faux charcoal leather tile and glass office fronts with specialized custom wood doors and frames. Private offices and conference rooms were dressed up with plush grey wool carpeting. Refined cabinetry in the spacious café represents the importance of casual gatherings around food.

“Although we wove the company brand into the architecture throughout the space, we maintained a refined and neutral aesthetic to create a functional gallery of showrooms as well as public and private space that complement and showcase the company’s numerous licensed brands, as well as the brands the firm owns and markets,” added Rudic.