Coral Gables, FL

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Interior Design, Office, Lobby


Pure Geometry

For Ofizzina, a 16-story, ground-up Coral Gables office condo building, MKDA designed a modern, sophisticated and high-tech interiors package that would attract international businesses seeking high-end office condos. 

The design includes a lobby, where warm grey stone flooring, stone, and applied warm grey wood walls set the tone, and a high-tech interactive directory and custom  backlit glass reception desk add excitement. Light installations were used for way finding. Large panes of light were used to signify places to rest and reflect, while thin lines of lights were used to direct individuals through the space. The approach was carried out in all common areas.

In addition to the lobby, the interiors package includes common areas, restrooms, and amenity spaces that include a gym and rooftop terrace. MKDA has also assisted in the design of tenant spaces and a marketing suite that will be used to market condos to international businesses.

Under Construction.