Square Footage:

4.2 Million


Architecture, Mixed Use, Architecture, Mixed Use

One Fifth

Scraping the Skies

The concepts and renderings MKDA designed for One Fifth, a 4.2 million-square-foot mixed use property in Miami, were meant to position a development opportunity. MKDA created an iconic building, the tallest in Miami, at a central site just south of the new Miami World Center and west of the new high-speed train. The three-tower property is 4 million square feet and 1,100 feet tall. It’s mixed-use with two hotels, three residential towers, retail and office space. The first 8 floors are retail and floors 9-22 are office. The smaller tower has residential space above the office space, while the other two towers have hotel and residential space above the office space. There are three sky lobbies as well. MKDA completed the concepts and renderings which will be used to get funding. An historic church on the site is an asset.