Miami, FL



Wynwood Blocks

MKDA designed Wynwood Blocks in response to the social and artistic explosion of Miami’s Wynwood District. The innovative structure features “building blocks” of live-work artist studios, green space, sculpture gardens, and retail galleries that were designed with minimal steel “cage” structures and habitable blocks that can be expanded, added and stacked.

Resembling a living organism, the structure adapts to growing demand over time, and offers an immersive experience in which the public can explore and discover the unexpected. The experience takes pedestrians on a journey along paths that wind through outlying spaces and the main corridor of building blocks, where they can climb and explore in the open-air. A grand central staircase invites the public up into the vertical space of the building, where they can witness the artists at work and stroll through outdoor sculpture gardens.

The project attempts to overcome the inherent physical barrier of the old manufacturing buildings that historically limited the public’s interaction with artists at work, and seeks to capture the essence of Wynwood’s evolving visual artists element.