13 ways to hack your workspace for optimal productivity

MKDA Senior Interior Designer Christine Everett contributes to article on productivity. 

There are podcasts, morning routines, hobbies, and even procrastination techniques that can make you more productive.

But there’s one thing that might be missing from your arsenal of time-management hacks: optimizing your work desk and workspace for ultimate productivity.

Office designers from Michigan, Colorado, and New York shared tips for making your space attuned to a productive workday.

Bring in some plants.

Plants are an easy way to beautify your desk and improve your workplace air quality.

And research shows that employees in workspaces with plants are 15% more productive.

Choose a plant that can thrive on however much sunlight your desk gets, Christine Everett, senior designer at New York interior-design firm MKDA, told Business Insider.

Succulents are low maintenance and widely available, but they require lots of sun, she said.

Better low-light options include the snake plant, pothos, and peace lily.

And if you don’t have a green thumb, here’s how to stop killing indoor plants.

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