New York City

Square Footage:


Confidential Technology Firm

This tech firm envisioned a relaxed, human-centric environment for their employees that would also support their unique work style. In order to accommodate their progressive culture, MKDA included a multitude of lounge areas for socialization and recharging as well as a large pantry that encourages collaboration and supports large meetings. The team also created a distinctive, cozy room complete with a flatscreen television, couch and shelves with various souvenirs and games, more reminiscent of a den than a corporate room. 

The client operates in specialized teams and, as a result, we integrated neighborhood zones to provide them with customized areas. These areas have exclusive access to certain workstations, meeting rooms and lounges to help improve workflow and organizational culture for each team. 

The space features wood floors, metal exposed columns and exposed ductwork. The office fronts are glass and have whimsical names such as ‘iPod,’ ‘Sliced Bread’ and ‘Polaroid’ to name a few. We used a neutral color palette throughout, but added color with different furniture and rugs. Keeping the space light and bright was a key requirement for the client so we capitalized on natural light and incorporated a variety of unique light fixtures, of all shapes and sizes, throughout the space.