New York, NY

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Integral Ad Science

“MKDA designed a wonderful new floor that is branded with a collection of spaces that support collaboration, communication and productivity, along with a sense of community and fun. We’ve been really happy to see that employees make full use of the varied spaces, depending on what type of work they’re doing, what type of meeting, or just when they want to relax and spend time with their co-workers. The design really reflects and reinforces our award-winning culture, which was the goal from the start.” – Arden Schneider, IAS Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Facilities. 

MKDA began work with Integral Ad Science on the fourth floor at 95 Morton with a firm budget in mind. The greatest challenge was creating a community feel that transcended three floor separation between their current eighth floor, and the soon-to-be tech hub on the fourth.

MKDA installed bike racks, showers, and lounge areas in addition to designing a larger café space to foster community interaction between the fourth and eighth floors. Concrete flooring extend throughout the space, and exposed ceilings enhance the hip, loft-like vibe. Natural light penetrates the office; the interior conference rooms are designed with glass walls on both sides to allow even the far end of the building to feel bright.

MKDA designed a full game room, maternity room, quiet library space, huddle rooms, and phone booths to allow employees private space amongst the open work area. The space was designed largely with a monochromatic color palette, however MKDA infused each room with an individual character through variation in texture, pattern, and a subtle integration of Integral’s brand color scheme into the space.