“We collaborated with CAA’s Miami and LA offices to develop a minimal, high-end design combining physically and culturally relevant design elements that set the appropriate tone for staff and VIP clientele from Miami and Latin America.” – MKDA Executive Managing Director Amanda Hertzler.

Artistic Miami Minimalism

The new offices for CAA were designed to maximize privacy for clients but still maintain an open workplace for collaboration. MKDA devised a concept for the space that served three objectives: one, brand the space in line with the corporate headquarters in Los Angeles; two, reference South Beach and Miami’s Latin culture; and three, design the space to maximize discretion for the firm’s VIP clientele. Taking a clean and minimal approach, MKDA used Latin-inspired textures and, in a nod to the CAA’s South Beach location, white and cool blue color tones. Art and decorative accessories in the firm’s corporate red brand the boutique office.

The reception and conference room were separated from the work area by a partition wrapped in high-gloss lacquer panels, thus providing a blank slate for a one-of-a-kind art collection. They were designed with oversized white and bluish grey speckled Terrazzo tiles in a nod to Miami’s Art Deco design. Features that pay homage to the ocean include a custom millwork reception desk with a blue marble transaction counter, and a wall decorated with a series of white wing sculptures. The adjacent glass conference room features a blue textured wall.


Once you enter the work area, we maximized natural light by keeping the private office fronts in glass and low work stations. The materials throughout are white and cool blues paying homage to the Miami Beach location. Stylish Chilewich woven vinyl floor tiles were chosen over carpet for durability and acoustics.

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