I wanted to give people the opportunity to work in a different atmosphere to give them a better sense of mental well-being, teamwork, and work-life balance. I wanted to be where culture and art came together with business.” – David Haber, Managing Partner of Haber Law.

Defying the Traditional Law Firm: New Space Embrace Wynwood's Creative Energy

Haber Law’s new building and office is centered around the artistic vibes of the neighborhood with a Libeskind-inspired angular canopy for the exterior. The design defies the traditional law firm setting with street art and a “living room” floor plan. The interior concept brings in angles with DIRTT modular wall systems and has remnants of an art gallery with bare walls for showcasing the client’s extensive art collection.

In fact, many of the fixtures and furnishings used to build the office interiors came from recycled materials procured by DIRRT. It also features a flexible conference room so parties can negotiate in a more relaxed setting than the traditional tables and chairs. There is a coffee bar and open seating areas to offer employees a variety of work areas to choose from as well as promoting spontaneous collaboration between employees across all experience levels.

Unique Grafitti Murals with Angular Theme

Architecturally, the client commissioned local artist Douglas Hoekzema, also known as HOXXOH, to create a mural on the building while graphic artist Atomik created a mural in the office gym. The team maintained the shell of the building, built in 1954, and restructured it to match architect Daniel Libeskind’s style with an angled facade. These additions on the exterior resemble Wynwood’s creative, whimsical character while also signaling the law firm’s commitment to modern ideas that will engage the next generation of legal talent.

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