“Each tower has a rotunda at the end of the corridor on the ground floor. We used this opportunity to design a beautiful custom round lighting fixture, wood wall panels, and furnished it with a round sofa to complete the cozy but sophisticated look.” – Amanda Hertzler, MKDA Executive Managing Director.

The Douglas Entrance Office Towers in Coral Gables- built in homage to the era of its 1924 predecessor, La Puerta Del Sol- has been fully modernized. Contemporary black awnings and landscaping at the exterior set the tone for an interior that is lush with rich historical details and enhanced by modern finishes.

Douglas Entrance

Traditional Art Deco Aesthetic with Modernized Design Elements

The lobby, fitted with beautiful brass accents and sophisticated dark cherry wood detailing, shimmers with old world character set against a modern tone. Sleek white lacquered walls act as a counterpoint to the masculine, Black Sahara Noir marble flows, while a rotund seating area with a 1972 classic Ueli Berger-inspired sofa, punctuated above by an oversized lighting installation, put the final touch of sophistication on the contemporary space.

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