Mission-Focused and Committed to Wellness

Flatiron Health relocated their New York City headquarters to One SoHo Square to help accommodate their expanding workforce. While the company is a progressive tech firm at its core, they wanted a more sophisticated and calming environment for their intensive work. MKDA, therefore, devised an open plan design concept that was sleek, uncomplicated and focused on their mission of wellness and recovery.

The reception area was a significant focus area for the project team. The wall behind the reception desk features Flatiron Health’s mission statement and establishes the office’s sleek and modern design with the incorporation of wood panelled walls and geometric rugs. The space also includes calming blues and grays and various biophilic design elements, such as greenery, to emphasize their commitment to health and wellness.

Cafe at the Heart to Promote Communal Culture

A key aspect of Flatiron Health’s culture are their daily catered lunches meant to promote a sense of community and employee engagement. As a result, each floor has a large pantry area with commercial grade refrigerators, espresso and carbonated water machines and cold brew kegs. Similarly, several banquettes and high top tables were fitted for either eating or to host informal meetings. Other seating arrangements include comfortable lounge furniture contrasted against white boards, creating a more calm and collaborative atmosphere.

Smart Wayfinding in Large, Open Office

MKDA placed a number of planters throughout the open areas and lounges and integrated moss onto various exposed columns to reinforce the space’s peaceful ambience. The team similarly embraced certain wayfinding strategies to help navigate the large office through both painting exposed pipes to guide individuals to their destinations and putting meeting room names on columns to direct people to specific areas. The open office spans across three floors with designated quiet places for more rigorous work.

For instance, the second floor has a large library area specifically devoted to this purpose as well as an open support center on the fourth floor meant only for quiet conversations. In addition, multi-person video conference meeting rooms are situated along the perimeter by the exterior windows, serving as a private congregation space for critical discussions. The fifth floor has a large event space for company-wide meetings complete with a stage and AV projection system.