Transforming the Space into a Modern, Mission-Focused Environment

JDRF, a nonprofit organization that funds type 1 diabetes research, needed a modern office in complete contrast to their previous dark and closed office environment. As a result, the project team planned from the onset of the project to implement a strategic branding strategy combined with a light and bright palette to help boost employee morale. The transformation of JDRF’s workspace began with an intensive planning and programming phase in which employees would sit at workstations in an open environment while the executive team had small private offices.

In order to emphasize JDRF’s story, MKDA worked closely with a signage team to create visuals throughout the space, which would tell their story. For example, the team placed a timeline outside their gathering space with the ability to change it and grow as the company progressed. Similarly, we crafted a founders wall outside their boardroom to pay homage to the important contributors of the foundation. The color palette was heavily based on their branding colors, blue and white, with various playful geometric wallcoverings in every conference room. Bright accent furniture brings an additional pop of color and personality to the space.

Photos by Limor Garfinkle, John Gallin & Sons.