In The Workplace of the Future, It's People First

The era of disruption has met the ultimate disrupter: COVID- 19. Our time at home during the pandemic was a time of reflection, reimagining and reawakening. We questioned whether we would ever return to the workplace, and wondered whether it would ever be the same.

Now our vision of how COVID- 19 will determine the workplace of the future is clear. Hastening its pre-pandemic progress in support of remote work , smart technology , health and wellbeing, the workplace of the future is expected to be even more agile, human- centered, emotionally intelligent and tech-based than ever. Click the link below to view our full report.


The New Flexible Workplace

COVID-19 has pushed us to reevaluate our preconceived design notions and perspectives. Now more than ever, we must consider how each individual design element comes together to form a cohesive space. With some employees working from home and others returning to the workplace, we must devise creative solutions that will create a smooth transition back into the workplace while also maintaining comfort moving forward. MKDA has put together a vignette of settings to illustrate our vision of the new workplace. We have also included various strategies to help establish a safer and healthier work environment for returning employees.


5 Steps for Reopening Your Office

Our COVID-19 response team has been working tirelessly to conceive of COVID-conscious best practices for both new builds and existing installations. As such, we are available to work hand-in-hand with you to assess your new or existing office space or building for COVID-19 layouts, solutions and compliance. Our services are as outlined in the PDF below.


Space Allocation in the New Workplace

As we get closer to a return to the workforce, certain expectations for how office environments will adjust to the new normal have come into clearer focus. While a return to pre-COVID-19 normal is unlikely in the short term, open office plans will continue to dominate with modifications that balance the desire to collaborate and engage with healthy social distancing mandates.





Preparing Office Buildings for the Post COVID-19 Return

In the aftermath of September 11, commercial building owners made drastic security modifications to their buildings and operations. Similarly, once workers return to the workplace post-COVID-19, commercial building owners will need to consider short- and long-term physical and operational modifications to their facilities. Click the link below to see what the new normal for landlords may look like:




How COVID-19 Will Change the Workplace

In just a few short months, COVID-19 has completely upended our personal and professional lives in ways we never could have imagined. As we lean into the new reality and attempt to make sense of the world around us, we begin to think about the long-term impacts this pandemic will have on the future of the workplace. How will firms like ours (and our AEC industry associates) help create safer and healthier workplaces for many of the tens of millions of office workers across the U.S. who will eventually make a return to their workplace? What will the post-pandemic workplace look like? Let’s take a look.



Media Coverage of COVID-19 Response

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