2022 MillerKnoll’s Magis Puppy Design Challenge

MKDA participated in MillerKnoll’s Magis Puppy Design Challenge where top design firms across New York receive Eero Aarnio’s iconic plastic Puppy to creatively transform into a piece of art. The funds raised during the event were used to support the Social Tees Animal Rescue of New York City, a no-kill rescue organization.

Transforming the Puppy into an NFT Collection

Our design team devised an imaginative concept for our Puppy, which we dubbed They, as it has the ability to take on many forms. Through making different QR codes and printing them on the Puppy’s bandana, our team created 8 different digital identities for They, converting them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each of these NFTs are fabricated out of different materials, colors and patterns, possessing a number of whimsical names: Messenger, Ed Is On, Fleur, Bolle, FuwaFuwa, Galactico, Malla, and Hermina Nolla.

“In this life form, They is a messenger that can exist in various physical manifestations, which all embody the soul of the Puppy. In other words, it conveys that our bodies are nothing more than shells containing our personal essence. Our true selves do not lie in our appearance, but rather in what we have in our mind, soul, and heart,” explains MKDA Senior Interior Designer, Lisbeth Jimenez.

Thank you to MillerKnoll for facilitating the design challenge and event! MKDA had so much fun throughout the whole process and we are grateful for the opportunity to champion such a worthy cause. To view our NFT collection on OpenSea, please see here