MKDA Designers Find Inspiration at Vermont Danby Quarry and Rock of Ages

MKDA NY recently embarked on a unique field trip, courtesy of tile and stone company AKDO, that took our design team on an inspirational creative journey to the Vermont Danby Quarry and Rock of Ages. These picturesque active quarry sites are home to some of the most magnificent marble and granite in the world. Our team took guided educational tours, first to the underground marble wonder of the Vermont Danby Quarry where MKDA roamed its prolific and exquisite snow white chambers. Then, the designers explored the vast granite quarries at Rock of Ages, learning about the history and manufacturing process of the stone while taking in the spectacular views. On top of these breathtaking sites, MKDA was able to admire the natural beauty of New England’s fall foliage during its peak season. Who knew that a designer field trip could be so enchanting?

Please click here to watch our photo collage from the trip!