Team Wins Honorable Mention in Most Colorful Category

MKDA Miami Participates in FIU's Festival of the Trees

MKDA won an honorable mention in the “Most Colorful” category at Florida International University’s Festival of the Trees fundraising event.  The annual holiday extravaganza brings together South Florida’s architecture and design community, tasking participants with designing unique holiday creations to be donated and auctioned off in support of FIU’s Interior Architecture Department. 

Raising Awareness About Our Environmental Impact

This year’s design theme was Vision Biomimicry: Miami 2070, which promotes nature-inspired design solutions and sustainable initiatives in hopes of building a better future for humanity and our planet. MKDA created a creature called Crasso-Hysteria, serving as an embodiment of the hysteria and distress that human beings have caused to the environment and biodiversity with our excessive waste.

“According to Miami-Dade County, the average resident produces 6 pounds of trash and 140 gallons of water waste per day. As mankind continues to oppose concepts of water conservation and waste reduction this profound revelation acts as a catalyst for biological hysteria,” explains MKDA Project Designer Brianna Hunter.

“Crassostrea Virginica (also known as the Eastern Oyster), once prevalent in the Biscayne Bay area, naturally filters pollutants by consuming algae and microcontaminants to maintain the diverse ecosystem. Being informed by this remediating process, the future of Miamians biologically evolves into a hybrid of the Eastern Oyster. To combat climate change and reduce waste production people begin to ingest and digest their own trash, acting as a natural filtration system for the planet. We call these creatures Crasso-Hysteria.”