MKDA Takes NeoCon 2024

Members of MKDA’s design team attended NeoCon 2024, a premier trade show in Chicago offering exclusive access to the latest and most innovative solutions in commercial design. Spanning nearly 1 million square feet, NeoCon showcases thousands of products, including furniture, fabrics, interior finishes, flooring, and technology, from over 400 leading manufacturers and vendors.

MKDA Creative Director Lisbeth Jimenez meticulously documented emerging trends such as diverse colors and patterns, innovative shapes and forms, captivating showroom designs, and sustainable solutions. Notable color trends include soft pinks and warm hues, mint green, and the occasional pop of royal blue. Additionally, non-standard shapes are becoming popular as tabletops to create more functional environments, while an abundance of plants and animals blurred the lines between nature and the built environment. Showroom designs featured bold multi-color schemes with gradient rainbow accents, retro-inspired patterns, and neon lighting, adding a nostalgic yet modern touch. We look forward to incorporating these creative solutions into our projects during the upcoming year!