Jarad Kleinberg Named a 2020 NextGens to Watch

Jarad graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in film and television in 2008. “While there, I learned a number of valuable skills, such as how to direct, produce and document stories, which gave me the tools to create a cohesive image for my family business,” Jarad says. “I began my career in the film industry, where I gained hands-on experience organizing and controlling behind-the-scenes tasks, helping me understand how businesses function from the ground up.”

In 2011, he joined MKDA, an interior space planning, design and branding firm founded by Milo Kleinberg in 1959. At the firm, he has worked in many areas, including business development, marketing and information technology. As director of IT, “in addition to continuing his business development and certain marketing duties, he assisted employees with various technical issues and digital programs,” says his cousin Arielle Kleinberg, a marketing associate at MKDA.

“Over that time, he managed to synchronize all MKDA studios into one technical structure and created a new, more effective server system.”

In 2018, Jarad was promoted to director of operations and technology. “I have been able to harness my skillset to support a large network of designers and architects to help develop new, prosperous ways for us to move forward and stay ahead of the curve,” he says. “My latest task was to ensure that our employees were able to fully function from home. I am proud to say that we were up and running within 24 hours.”

Jarad’s latest initiative is the rebranding of MKDA, Arielle says. He and the director of public relations have been working with a professional branding agency. “In addition to weekly meetings with the branding agency, Jarad is ensuring that the new website, promotional items and overall corporate brand guidelines are of the highest caliber to give us an advantage over our competitors.”

Source: Family Business Magazine