Biophilia-Inspired Conference Center

MKDA is spearheading the design of a chic conference center at 1101 Wootton Pkwy, which embodies a sophisticated and welcoming Scandinavian style. Applying biophilic design principles, the light and airy space includes various wood textures, a soft color palette, free-flowing curves and arches, and an abundance of natural light. The framed panoramic views and recessed ceiling curves, in particular, evoke a serene, “floating in the clouds” atmosphere. Greenery and living green walls further enhance the overall aesthetic, establishing a harmonious connection between the interior and exterior.

Adding to the functionality of the space, the project team designed multiple touchdown and coffee points to provide comfortable areas for impromptu meetings or casual work sessions. Tranquil banquettes and nooks offer hidden retreats, perfect for moments of focused work or intimate discussions. Moreover, the availability of several small conference rooms caters to diverse meeting needs, while a generously sized multipurpose area ensures flexibility for larger gatherings or events.