Prebuilt Suite Pays Homage to Franklin Square's Hospitality Establishments

MKDA devised a concept that emphasizes Franklin Square’s long-standing hospitality institutions and landmarks at 1300 Eye Street. While 300W focuses more on bringing the park’s canopy of trees inside, 400W establishes a luxurious atmosphere, which feels more like a hotel than a workspace. Upon entering the suite, the combination of a warm color palette, sustainably-sourced wood, and a unique triangular ceiling and lighting pattern sets a welcoming, sophisticated tone for the space.

The suite also includes a number of collaboration and relaxation areas, which adds a level of comfort to the space. A simply furnished lounge with an area rug gives the front of the workspace a distinctive, boutique hotel atmosphere. Across from the lounge is the pantry complete with high-end appliances, a marble backsplash, and bar seating. Notably, furthering the hospitality theme, the team selected framed posters of various national parks to encourage travel to destinations across the country.

Minimalist Style Captures Surrounding Views

Following a similar layout to the other prebuilt suites in the building, the team placed 24 private offices with glass fronts on the perimeter, which allows natural light to pour into the open workspace and capitalizes on the surrounding views. We used a sleek, minimalist design aesthetic in the work areas to frame the inspiring local scenery and buildings. Additionally, this style can attract a wide variety of prospective tenants due to its flexibility and easily customizable nature.