Modern Revival at the Paramount Building

MKDA has designed a progressive, state-of-the-art prebuilt program at the historic Paramount Building, blending tradition with contemporary allure to invigorate the building and attract a wide variety of tenants. Rather than mimicking the past, our team has taken a modern, minimal design approach, which pays homage to Paramount’s significant roots while propelling it into the future with innovative aesthetics.  

Elevated Prebuilt Suite Exudes Elegance and Style

The 22nd floor prebuilt suite epitomizes modern sophistication with its bright, light-filled ambiance and high-end finishes. From the welcoming reception area to the expansive main workspace, the design seamlessly combines industrial elements like polished concrete flooring and open ceilings with elegant touches such as white oak wall paneling, chevron flooring, and bronze accents. Private offices and conference rooms are strategically positioned along the perimeter, boasting sleek glass fronts that invite transparency and connectivity. The chic pantry further elevates the space, which features white oak millwork, textured bronze bar details, marble surfaces, and fluted glass cabinets. Complementing these elements, modern recessed linear lighting and stylish pendants contribute to an atmosphere that inspires both productivity and creativity.