Waterfront Theme

Black Diamond tasked MKDA with the complete repositioning of the exterior, entrance and lobby at 2187 Atlantic Avenue, a ten story office building for high profile financial institutions and shipping companies with a boutique atmosphere. The team devised a design concept centered around its location on the Harbor Point waterfront. MKDA capitalized on the property’s waterfront position, its blue-tinted, mirrored-glass façade, and the building’s wave-like curved edges to create an interior and exterior oceanic design concept with architectural fins, soft undulating edges and a bright color palette with blue accents.

Inspiration from Waves

The building entrance was initially not visible from the main road while the parking garage was a very prominent feature so the team wanted to redirect attention from the garage to the renovated entryway. Therefore, MKDA decided to paint the parking garage a dark gray and designed 20’ brightly lit white fins, which are lined up in a wave formation, to cover the garage from view while also referencing its waterfront location. These individual vertical structures quite literally ‘wave’ attention towards the entrance with a ripple-like effect. 

The entrance itself was updated with white stone and uplights, emphasizing the undulating facade from the blue-tinted mirrored glass. The team also included a two story glass wall, a new metal canopy and removed the existing entry vestibule to create a dramatic and captivating design. 

Upon entering the lobby, individuals are greeted with a warm, yet modern interior. The updated double-height lobby features new light wood panels, blue glass and terrazzo flooring.   The wave theme was carried throughout the space with 20 undulating acrylic fins with integrated lights suspended from the ceiling, which both unifies the interior with the exterior and brightens up the space.