“The lobby sets the tone for the entire building,” said MKDA Regional Managing Principal Amanda Hertzler. “We wanted to ensure that the users experienced the art and elevated finishes so we detailed the space with whites, greys and earthy metals to allow the colorful artwork by renowned and up-and-coming artists to pop.” 

Architecturally Significant and LEED-Certified Building

Located in historic Coconut Grove  just steps away from the picturesque Biscayne Bay, 2850 Tigertail is an architecturally significant building that was inspired by the area’s bohemian character and iconic lush greenery. Designed by Arquitectonica, the LEED-certified building features a striking facade consisting of cubic architecture, raw concrete and massive floor-to-ceiling windows that provide interior spaces with panoramic views and natural daylight.


To create a bridge between the surrounding Coconut Grove neighborhood and the building’s interior, MKDA borrowed features from the area’s Bahamian, Mediterranean Revival, and Mid-Century Modern architectural styles, including a coffered ceiling, use of natural native materials, and uncluttered lines with a combination of organic and geometric forms

Lobby with Bahamian and Mid-Century Modern Influences

The design team also carried elements of the exterior portico to the double-height interior. Large Blue de Savoie Gray Marble wall slabs and limestone-inspired flooring create a runway to the back lobby wall where a large art canvas by renowned artist Barthélémy Toguo resides.

In a playful homage to the characteristics of Bahamian and Mid-Century modern style, and to balance the double-height and length of the lobby, MKDA custom-designed a coffered ceiling with alternating peaks infilled with a backlit fabric pane. Various lighting types were used to accentuate the art.

 A seating area features timeless Barcelona chairs and a daybed by Mies van der Rohe with a vintage rug. The custom-made coffee table and acrylic top displays a variety of artworks.

Unique Elevator Lobby

The elevator landings are finished in bronze metal, surrounded by slabs of grey limestone in a ribbed texture. Elevator interiors are muted with white back painted glass and grey marble.

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