Modern Lobby with a Stunning, Custom-Made Wooden Reception Desk

MKDA renovated the lobby at 6 East 32nd Street aiming to marry the building’s original elements with a modern look and feel. In order to keep the space bright, the team opted for an all white, minimalist backdrop and new terrazzo flooring. MKDA also restored the staircase with updated iron work while maintaining the existing marble and details. Through painting the railing black, certain elements were emphasized to match the building’s original exterior and pay homage to its roots

The neutral background highlights the focal point of the lobby – a custom-made, wooden reception desk. Upon entering, one is immediately drawn to its intricate design, which was carefully crafted with wood slats. In addition, the desk brings warmth and richness to the lobby, establishing a welcoming environment in a unique way. Building upon this inviting atmosphere, the team created a corresponding wooden feature wall encased in glass.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the reception desk serves a number of practical functions as well. For instance, the striking nature of the desk operates as a wayfinding tool, which guides individuals towards the elevator lobby. Furthermore, the desk’s size and shape hides all significant equipment from the visitor’s view.