The Experience

The promenade is the spine that connects three city blocks of this project together. It folds in on itself and turns upwards, creating an epic entryway and wayfinding while shading the park above. The main promenade has smaller, playful structures that allow for gathering and socialization, including the introduction of stadium seating to engage the upper level provided static space for all users. Just south of the promenade are residential buildings, which can also serve as affordable housing. These buildings are composed of shifting boxes, all with balconies that take advantage of the gorgeous Florida weather and surrounding views.

The team also included a number of practical experiences and amenities for the community. MKDA lowered the retail to a single story to ensure the maximization of civic space on both the ground level and rooftop. For example, townhomes will have trellis roof gardens and a rooftop urban park will be activated for the public’s benefit. This park will feature a beer garden on top of artificial turf with a functioning kitchen, providing the ultimate setting for recreation and entertainment. The rooftop park not only expanded the green space but also allowed for better views from the mid-rise buildings behind. Moreover, imaginative art walls, facades and an outdoor theater will beckon people into the area, showcasing Miami’s distinctive and bold culture.

Public-Private Partnership with Developer and City

BH3 Management, a real estate firm based in Miami, is developing a new mixed-use project to update three blocks in Delray Beach called Fabrik. A public-private partnership with the City of Delray, MKDA is working together with both the city and developer to create new construction featuring residential and commercial buildings as well as a big box grocery store all connected through a public promenade. Drawing inspiration from the prominent Orson Welles quote “the absence of limitations is the enemy of art,” the team drew upon the project’s restrictions and challenges to transform their vision into a fully functioning and innovative concept.