AI Company Embraces the Future of Work

MKDA crafted a cutting-edge workspace for Altana, an AI-powered supply chain network and platform, at 25 Kent. Altana’s vision for its new headquarters was centered on empowering and cultivating its brilliant young workforce with a stimulating environment where they can collaborate and thrive. The project team emulated the vibrant, creative spirit of the surrounding Williamsburg neighborhood to design a transformative space that fosters innovation, engagement, productivity, and rejuvenation.

A Fusion of Modern Simplicity with Industrial Charm

Drawing a parallel between the old and the new, the workplace merges a robust industrial style that honors Brooklyn’s deep manufacturing roots with modern Scandinavian elements and high-tech installations. The open plan work area, for example, boasts double-height open ceilings, towering exposed columns, linear black pendant lighting, and a neutral color palette. In contrast, the contemporary reception area features light wood wallcoverings, clean lines, and digital signage, establishing an overall inviting and calming ambience. The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and glass office fronts provide stunning views of the river and skyline, flooding the entire space with natural light.

Intersection of Innovation and Comfort

The cafe serves as a dynamic branded hub where teammates can socialize and relax. Aesthetically, an array of pendant light fixtures hang from the exposed ceiling, which is juxtaposed with wood finishes and furniture, seamlessly blending together the Scandinavian and industrial styles. In addition, ancillary furniture in Altana’s accent brand colors add boldness and vibrancy to the space. MKDA selected a number of comfortable seating options including upholstered bleachers, lounge furniture, and booths to encourage collaboration and impromptu discussions. It also functions as a flexible touchdown area for work or recharging outside of the main workspace.