Resimercial Design with Timeless Appeal

Private equity firm Avesi’s new workplace blends an industrial backdrop with residential-inspired details, creating a timeless aesthetic with optimal flexibility and functionality. Blurring the lines between work and home, MKDA incorporated various warm materials and elegant furnishings to instill a sense of comfort, wellness and luxury into the boutique environment.

Personalized Touches Bring Warmth and Comfort

The reception area features a number of customized elements that deliver warmth and intimacy to the space. Upon entering, a patterned moss wall displays personalized stainless steel signage, which is contrasted with a custom-built reception desk. The desk, fashioned from natural walnut and white shiplap, mirrors the wall paneling in the waiting area, adding texture and rustic charm. Along with upholstered furniture, a free form wood coffee table, and landscape artwork, these accessories evoke feelings of serenity and establish a welcoming, home-like atmosphere.

Modern Influences Promote Wellness and Flexibility

In contrast to the resimercial decor, MKDA embraced the space’s industrial character to build a unique bridge between modern and natural influences. The team painted the exposed ceilings black to promote drama and a strong sense of scale. Black metal office fronts, window frames, and pendant lighting further this effect. The combination of black finishes and warm wood furniture – as exhibited in the main work area and pantry – creates an aura of chic sophistication and luxury.

Beyond aesthetics, the workplace emphasizes flexibility and efficiency to support fluctuating needs. It includes a balanced mix of private offices and open workstations with motorized sit- to-stand desks. Additionally, the featured moss wall serves three different functions: As a physical barrier to separate reception from the main work area; for its natural sound absorption qualities to prevent toxic noise levels; and the back-painted glass on the opposite side, which can be used as a collaborative, whiteboard surface.