Warm and Luxurious Office Space for Global Bank

MKDA designed a high-end, luxurious new workplace for Bank of Ireland to provide a sophisticated and functional environment that would support its intensive work. The team selected a mixture of light and dark walnut furniture to establish a warm and inviting ambience while also contrasting these tones with white glass and blue and yellow accents to brighten the space. Notably, the reception area has a wood slat, double-height ceiling with suspended circular pendant lighting, which creates a sense of grandeur and scale. The team also procured a range of artwork for the lobby, resulting in a sleek, gallery-like atmosphere.

During the programming phase, MKDA had to keep in mind several significant requirements: firstly, due to the confidential nature of corporate banking, the workspace needed to have a large number of private, closed offices. In addition, the client requested that each department have its own separate and personal work areas while still establishing a cohesive space for all. As a result, the team devised a balanced program that consisted of 25 offices, 40 workstations, and 15 trader desks. Furthermore, in order to satisfy space divisions among the departments, a large pantry was placed in the heart of the space, directly in between the back offices and the trading desks. The cafe area functions as a central gathering space for employees to come together for breaks, socialization, and corporate events.