Memorable Opportunities for Innovation and Fun

As a leading events management platform, Bizzabo’s new workplace reflects the same immersive, people-centric experience as the company provides its clients. Aiming to create a space that promotes spontaneous collaboration and innovation, MKDA, in partnership with Switchup, designed a flexible work environment with a number of fun and engaging vignettes that serve to invigorate users.

Engaging Communal Experiences

The office features a primarily open plan benching system with ample communal areas and quiet zones to support diverse tasks and needs . For example, the team incorporated an agile front of the house cafe and event space, cozy lounges, accessible huddle and meeting rooms, and a playful gaming room where employees can seek refuge and recharge during the work day. These varied settings can also boost creativity and overall productivity, empowering individuals by giving them alternative places to work and socialize beyond their assigned seats.

Scandi-Industrial Aesthetic with Branded Details

The project team capitalized on both industrial and Scandinavian design styles, harmoniously bringing together sophistication and raw authenticity. The space contrasts black metallic finishes, exposed ceilings and striking pendant light fixtures with warm wood tones, greenery, and soft ancillary furniture to establish a comfortable, “homey” atmosphere. Personalized touches, such as a custom-made wood bench fashioned into the shape of Bizzabo’s curly B, bold splashes of color, and whimsical accessories, further build on the workplace’s charming and inviting nature.