“With precision, MKDA met the unique vision for our workplace with a branded environment built upon the local rituals and flavor of Miami and the surrounding communities to create the ultimate workplace experience.” – Matt Beals, Chief Operating Officer

Local Flavor in a Branded Environment

Bolton Global Capital, a wealth management company, is fittingly located in the financial district of Brickell inside the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel building. The client expressed a desire to create a branded environment that emulates its historic headquarters in Bolton, Massachusetts while also drawing upon the rich surrounding culture of South Florida. The firm also wanted to promote an office culture that emphasizes community and transparency.

Bearing these requirements in mind, MKDA crafted a sophisticated workplace experience with a distinct Miami flair to match the city’s vibrant energy.
The firm’s brand identity was also heavily infused within the space through design elements that reference back to it.

Logo Influence on Design

In order to emphasize Bolton’s brand identity, the team not only studied its history and culture but also more direct and obvious brand representation, its logo. MKDA created a simple and deliberate angular detail in the elevator lobby set against textural bush-hammered marble for an elegant introduction to the space and the angled experience within the lobby. The tilted entry portal and herringbone flooring guide individuals into the reception area, which bumps up the drama with a custom metal screen resembling its logo. The diagonal white element of the grid continues onto the ceiling with linear LED lighting giving the impression that it has broken through the restricted grid and exploded onto the ceiling. The angled lines are also featured in the custom marble reception desk and cove light that continues down the corridor to the heart of the office.

Local Influences Inspire Communal Spaces

MKDA paid special attention to infusing the space with a number of local, cultural traditions. At the office cafe, the staff can gather together and socialize with their peers during lunch and coffee breaks. In addition, the slatted ceiling, custom palm frond wall covering, Havana-style tile and mismatched spindle back chairs resemble authentic Cuban cafes.

Bringing the Outdoors In

MKDA furthered this distinctly tropical vibe by bringing the outdoors into the space. The team used ombre back painted glass with orange hues in the pantry and collaborative conference rooms to echo the colorful Miami sunset while expansive windows frame the breathtaking surrounding views. All glass office fronts and sliding glass conference room doors establish a strong communal environment, allowing personnel to feel both comfortable and connected throughout the space and to view and access the outdoor references.

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