Industrial Elements with Boutique Charm

This boutique private equity firm, which specializes in the digital infrastructure sector, wanted a modern and impressive new workspace to properly support both employees and clients alike. In response, MKDA devised a concept based on combining industrial elements with boutique charm to establish a branded, yet sophisticated environment.

The team applied sound absorptive materials with intricate patterns and colors to bring personality to the space. In the elevator lobby, for instance, we included a vertical felt wall that mimics the mullion office fronts in the work area juxtaposed with exposed brick to accentuate the industrial theme. Additional felt panels were hung between the open area and pantry with a circular design, which functions as both a visual and acoustical barrier between the spaces.

Unique Integrated Bookshelves

In order to create a more open version of the traditional workplace, the team lined the exterior north wall with offices and devoted the rest of the space to open workstations. We also placed a large board room on the south side to showcase the surrounding views and capitalize on natural light. Partially ribbed glass panels function as integrated bookshelves in the main work area while also serving as a unique design feature. We contrasted these panels with light wood tones, a millwork wall covered in navy felt, and a white backdrop to keep the space sleek and fresh.

Sleek and Refined Open Pantry

The open pantry area features a balanced blend of wood, glass, and marble appliances. The light oak cabinets and glass shelves are contrasted against a white marble backsplash, which establishes a refined, yet calming atmosphere. Additionally, the pendant lighting and concrete floors build upon the space’s overall industrial look, enhancing its natural charm.