Timeless Sophistication with a Modern Twist

MKDA was tasked with designing a sophisticated, cutting-edge workplace and service center for Bucherer, a luxury watch and jewelry retailer, in Long Island City. Drawing inspiration from various high-end timepieces, Bucherer’s new facility pays homage to its enduring legacy and impressive range of quality brands. As such, the space possesses an industrial-chic look, combining open ceilings and lofty exposed columns with gold, silver, platinum, and rose gold accents, which reflects the company’s gritty origins and the precious metals used in its luxury watches.

Highly Secure Repair Center Supports Specialized Craft

Given the dual function of the space as a repair center, MKDA needed to provide ample room and equipment for Bucherer’s team to inspect, assemble, clean, and polish each product. Consequently, the team selected speciality work tables and storage for the watchmakers as well as creating separate locker and training rooms to accommodate their intricate craft. MKDA similarly implemented strong security components due to the valuable nature of the company’s products. These elements include large walk-in safes, fortified vaults, and secure lockers as well as reinforcing all walls, ceilings, and ductwork to ensure maximum safety and security.

Warm and Inviting Communal Areas

The team deliberately placed collaborative areas in the heart of the workplace to encourage spontaneous interactions between the different departments. An inviting cafe features cozy banquettes, sleek marble countertops with greenery in the center, and an abundance of natural light, establishing a warm and comfortable gathering spot for employees. Directly adjacent are multiple, state-of-the-art conference rooms with movable walls to support fluctuating needs.