Upscale Resimercial Work Environment

This confidential financial services firm tapped MKDA to design a boutique, hospitality-inspired suite at Penn 1, serving as a warm and engaging setting for its high-end clients and employees. Influenced by resimercial design, the project team crafted a luxurious reception area akin to a chic Manhattan apartment, which welcomes users with an intimate lounge and library space that strongly resembles a living room. The integration of plush furniture, soft area rugs, dedicated shelves, and an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary decorative elements establishes both cozy familiarity and professional sophistication. The nearby pantry is outfitted with soothing wood finishes where users can recharge and mingle, further drawing people in.

A set of glass doors separates the general work area from the lounge and pantry, ensuring proper privacy for confidential meetings and focus work. MKDA designed clean, minimalist private offices and conference rooms along the perimeter, which function as calming spaces for productivity and maximize access to natural light. The executive office, in particular, is reminiscent of an upscale home office and boasts spectacular panoramic views of Midtown Manhattan.