MKDA provided the full scope of design services for this leading investment firm and one of its affiliates at the GM Building. The project team developed a high-end, timeless design concept with a hospitality-inspired edge for the repeat financial client, mirroring its impressive and diverse portfolio.

Air of Luxury and Sophistication

The hospitality-forward front of the house, in particular, instills the space with grandeur and sophistication, serving as a welcoming backdrop for entertaining frequent visitors. For instance, elegant architectural details such as custom poured terrazzo and metal flooring, premium recessed lighting, opulent bronze finishes, and a mixture of wood and marble are used throughout the client-facing areas. Multiple pairs of clean perpendicular lines function as a unique design motif and a wayfinding strategy, beckoning users inside.

Next to the reception area, one chic client lounge features classic coffered ceilings, lounge seating, an abstract area rug with matching custom drapes, and a stunning pantry embellished with porcelain slabs and wood veneer millwork, establishing an air of luxury. MKDA also installed a number of nearby conference rooms for meetings and strategy sessions as well as a breakout locker area where guests can store their belongings.

Two Entities Working in Harmony

In order to accommodate two separate entities within one space, MKDA provided distinct work areas for each company to ensure security and privacy. Both sides of the plan promote flexibility and prioritize a diversity of working styles, enabling productivity and individual autonomy in where and how employees want to work. As such, the workplace incorporates open workstations, private offices, hoteling space with lockers, and various phone and huddle rooms to enhance universal access and comfort.

Dynamic Collaborative Spaces Where Work Meets Play

In addition, the space boasts shared collaboration areas and amenities that embrace more playful elements for team building and decompression. More specifically, a centrally located cafe has a bright, airy feel and features open ceilings, light wood tones, cozy banquettes, and a soothing dark blue accent color to encourage camaraderie and spontaneous interactions between employees. MKDA similarly devised an adjacent, sports-themed employee lounge, which showcases whimsical touches including a custom baseball sofa and various table and arcade games, creating an uplifting and fun atmosphere for recharging and boosting staff morale.  

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