Whimsical Space with Balanced Mix of Public and Private Spaces

MKDA designed a bright and whimsical new space for this boutique, Greenwich-based investment firm. This firm primarily invests in innovative start-ups from e-commerce companies to food and beverage and apparel brands. As a result, instead of devising a more traditional, corporate design concept, the team infused the space with color and fun patterns to create a dynamic work environment that is representative of the creative brands in their portfolio.

During the planning phase, we established a balanced program of private offices, open workstations, and collaboration areas. Focusing on the importance of employee wellbeing, the mix of private and public areas is crucial to maintaining healthy noise levels within the space while also mitigating distracting sounds.

Biophilic Design Promotes Employee Wellbeing

We capitalized on biophilic design principles and the firm’s signature color, green, to further our emphasis on a mission-driven, human-centric environment. The team incorporated a feature moss wall in the shape and shade of the firm’s logo, which improves indoor air quality and absorbs ambient noise.

Geometric Patterns and Colors

The team selected a variety of geometric patterned wallpapers for the phone and conference rooms to bring elements of fun and spontaneity to these areas. We also heavily featured their branding colors, multiple shades of green, throughout the workplace, using a number of green finishes to add pops of color and personality to the space.