Sliding Acoustical Panels

This FinTech firm viewed flexibility as a key requirement in the design strategy. The company wanted an open work environment with a number of private areas and breakout rooms to accommodate its vigorous, in-depth work. Consequently, the project team devised multiple innovative solutions to satisfy these needs, including a multi-purpose space that provided the workplace with maximum flexibility.

Utilizing sliding acoustical panels, a casual socialization area that serves as an extension of the cafe and open lounge transforms into a quiet training and meeting room in a matter of seconds. The closed panels provide both acoustical and visual privacy, making it an optimal solution for various needs and situations. In addition, to help employees communicate with their other global offices, the room has full video conferencing capabilities and is complete with full screen televisions, cameras and microphones.

Calming Atmosphere

A balanced blend of stone, carpet, wood and tile create a layered space with warmth and visual interest. MKDA worked heavily with the company’s color palette, blue, to emphasize the firm’s brand while establishing a calming and sophisticated atmosphere. 

In order to accommodate guests and employees traveling from other offices, the team included several wellness rooms that are closed-off from the rest of the workspace. An advantageous nap room with bare walls and dark blue carpeting provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for individuals to lay down and relax. A similarly furnished additional wellness room offers another practical environment for necessary moments of solitude. Additionally, an executive washroom, complete with a shower and changing area, is accessible to any traveling guests in need of freshening up.