Post-Pandemic Workplace with Hospitality-like Services and Amenities

In its relocation from 20,000 SF to 92,000 SF, Freshly’s post-pandemic workplace features a best-in-class hybrid work model with the flexibility to support future growth. Through incorporating hospitality-like services and amenities, the office acts as a destination from limited work-from-home operations by creating a culture that is welcoming with an emphasis on human-centric design.

The plan contains a number speciality spaces including a library, extensive, all-hands cafe area, podcast studio, and outdoor terraces to transform the office into a memorable experience. Putting wellness at the forefront, Freshly’s workplace delivers a healthier environment with better air quality, biophilic elements, circadian lighting, sound and noise control.

Reception Gives Taste of Freshly's Brand

The reception area – with its expansive black ceilings, unique pendant light fixture and arch windows – sets the tone for the space. These elements create a sense of grandeur and drama while the desk functions as a concierge service to support both employees and guests.

Flexible All-Hands Cafe and Event Space

The large cafe features a fully-stocked kitchen with a variety of seating options to encourage socialization and foster a strong sense of community and culture. In addition, the team selected mobile, reconfigurable furniture and planters, providing the space with maximum flexibility to accommodate meetings, presentations, food tastings, and other social events.

Dynamic Open Work Area with Microenvironments

The open-plan work areas include a benching system with a number of breakout spaces to give employees different places to work throughout the day. These microenvironments provide users with unique experiences that support both collaboration and focus work. Each space was carefully crafted to be adequate for privacy, socialization and creativity.

Cozy Library for a Quiet Break

The library, one of the space’s highlights, serves as a haven from the main workspace where individuals can immerse themselves in an intimate environment. Grass-like carpet tiles and chairs facing outwards connect employees with nature and establish a serene backdrop for unwinding. A cozy fireplace and lounge area combined with warm tones further the calming ambience.