Industrial, Natural, and Imaginative Influences

Haven Technologies wanted its new space to represent the workplace of the future, which would include a number of employee-centric amenities and whimsical, unexpected elements at every turn. As a result, MKDA designed each area and microenvironment keeping three themes in mind: industrial notes, natural materials and greenery, and imaginative elements.

Establishing an industrial backdrop, the space contains exposed ceiling slab with decorative metal mesh ceiling tiles wrapped around the core structures, which functions as a wayfinding tool and provides a natural path to the open areas. The project team used living greenery throughout the space such as a line of trees in a “forest” breakout space, potted plants in each room, and a unique pergola to promote feelings of wellness and relaxation.

Branded Areas and Flex Space

MKDA also implemented a generous amount of open and flexible workspaces to give employees the ability to choose where they want to work at any given moment. All of the conference and huddle rooms, coffee bars, and cafes feature eclectic themes and bold color schemes to infuse the space with the company’s distinctive personality and culture. Through creating these various experiences and amenities, it transforms the workplace into a memorable destination where employees will be excited to work and collaborate with their peers.