MKDA Rethinks the Traditional Law Firm for Buffalo-Based Firm

Hodgson Russ tasked MKDA with designing a modernized law firm that would pay homage to their headquarters, Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building in Buffalo. MKDA achieved their contemporary goal through allowing for more collaboration spaces and flexibility while simultaneously including accent pieces that are representative of the Guaranty Building.

Beginning in the elevator lobby, the space welcomes individuals with marble hexagon floors, tropical olive wood framed elevators and wood ceiling clouds. The reception desk is custom-made and furniture and club chairs provide the reception area with pops of color.

Directly adjacent to reception are the two main boardrooms, which can transform into one large conference room due to the folding Skyfold partition. The perimeter glass walls of each of these boardrooms can open up resulting in one large room that extends through reception for events. In addition, the glass furniture in these rooms are all either mobile or collapsible enabling maximum flexibility.

Increased Collaborative Spirit and Focus on Employees' Needs

To further add to the firm’s collaborative spirit, executive and paralegal private offices went down in size to accommodate larger shared rooms. Each employee received a height-adjustable desk to improve well-being as well as a personal wardrobe tower for their belongings and redwells. Moreover, workstations are fitted with glass stackers to keep the space feeling light and airy.

Buffalo Roots

Hodgson Russ specifically requested that their new space emulate their Buffalo headquarters. Therefore, the project team included custom three-layered metal panels, which play a key role in pulling the space together. These panels wrap around the perimeter space between each office from the floor to the ceiling. They resemble an exterior pattern from the Guaranty Building in Buffalo, which brings a truly unique component to the space and creates a harmonious balance between traditional and modern design characteristics.