Timeless Tech

ISG, a technology research firm, relocated their corporate headquarters to 2187 Atlantic Street with a desire to establish a timeless tech environment for their new office space. They also wanted to incorporate a number of specialized rooms, including the ISG Academy training center, a client experience center and an employee tech bar, in order to craft a unique experience throughout their office. Keeping this in mind, the project team designed a bright and open space featuring ISG’s signature blue and utilizing interactive technologies to construct a space that would best represent their global image. The reception area draws individuals in with its high contrast finishes of dark wood balanced with white and ISG’s vibrant blue.

Directly adjacent to the seating area is a customizable digital wall, specifically meant to welcome clients with individualized data and solutions upon their arrival. Following their slogan ‘Imagine Your Future,’ the team developed an immersive digital experience center with monitors along the perimeter that showcases the latest market research and analytics. Notably, each room has a glass office front system to promote a sense of transparency and openness within the space. MKDA also included a number of employee-centric areas such as an employee lounge and a private employee pantry named ‘Tech Bar’ to promote socialization, comfort and to enhance feelings of wellbeing.