Revitalizing Kostelanetz's Workplace

MKDA executed a phased renovation of Kostelanetz’s workplace at 7 World Trade Center to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. The project team introduced new light wood tones, contemporary recessed light fixtures, standardized glass office fronts, and updated carpets and flooring throughout to infuse the space with a fresh, sophisticated ambience. The reception area, for instance, features exquisite stone flooring and a bespoke marble reception desk, which is balanced with millwork paneling to bring warmth and softness.

Additionally, the pantry incorporates new, built-in white millwork, an elegant marble backsplash, and acoustic ceiling baffles for sound absorption. In an effort to maximize space efficiency, MKDA repurposed existing meeting spaces into additional offices and installed Modernfold movable walls in the main conference room to improve flexibility. Other modifications include upgraded lounge furniture, task chairs, and height-adjustable desks to prioritize employee wellbeing and comfort.