Brazilian Influences

Mr. Krym, the hotel, incorporates elements reminiscent of the different climates and architecture in Brazil paying homage to the owner and operator. The juxtaposition of the stacking boxes above the second level facade can be seen along the mountain cliffs of Rio, and the modern double-height ground floor volume interjects the new architectural language that is present along the streets. On the interiors, each level represents a different region as you navigate through the building. The open-air market on the ground level is activated with bold colors, much like Rio’s energetic street life. The mezzanine’s restaurant and bar continue that theme with electric colors and textures inspired by Carnaval. As you navigate upwards, the hotel lobby starts to feel more serene and subdued like the mountainous country life. The suites are calm and neutral with Cerrado vibes. Lastly, the rooftop is our rainforest oasis, relaxing yet exotic.