Vibrant Coworking Innovation Hub for Leading Minds in Cyber & Climate Tech

MKDA partnered with Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) to reimagine a section of its innovation hub, Magalit Startup City, at 122 Grand Street. The center functions as an international startup ecosystem, providing coworking space and resources to support and grow up-and-coming climate tech and cybersecurity companies. The MKDA team built out six suites on the 2nd floor to bolster the facility, seeking to strike a balance between adequate privacy for the separate entities while also creating impactful opportunities for intercompany engagement, networking, and connections.

The space blends industrial and classical architectural elements, which pays homage to the historic 19th century building, with a contemporary twist in order to cater to the next generation of entrepreneurs. MKDA preserved the existing brick walls and fluted columns in both private and collaborative areas, accentuating these details to maintain a sense of grandeur and authenticity. The team complemented these speciality features with rustic wood flooring and tables to bring warmth to the space.

Transparency and Privacy in Perfect Balance

Adding in a modern component,  each enclosed area features frameless glass office fronts, promoting transparency and facilitating the spread of natural light. The team also implemented significant acoustic attenuation strategies to help prevent distracting noise levels from neighboring companies in adjacent rooms. Felt ceiling panels, for instance, were installed in Margalit’s signature blue to absorb excess sounds.

Customized Suites and Inviting Shared Areas for Networking

Each suite was designed with slight variations to accommodate a range of work styles and preferences. For example, some suites are more intimate and primarily feature benching workstations with one or two private offices. One such space capitalizes on a unique diagonal wall, transforming the area underneath into a cozy nook for casual chats and recharging. Other suites are larger and include the full spectrum of open workstations, private offices, meeting and phone rooms. In addition to individual workplaces for the different startups, MKDA created a shared pantry and coffee bar, huddle rooms, and phone booths that are open to all  in an effort to encourage spontaneous conversations and innovative solutions among like-minded people.