Airy and Dynamic

The MKDA project team created a modern and elegant 17,100 square-foot space for this multinational insurance company with a focus on its company culture. This London-based firm has been expanding into the United States and wanted its new space in Stamford to reflect its brand identity and guidelines. The team designed an open and airy space with clean lines and neutral finishes to display its minimal yet powerful visual identity while also including pops of bright colors and a patterned green wall to add elements of fun.

Double-Height Cafe

The hub of the space is the breathtaking cafe area with sleek all white appliances, unique pendant lighting, floor length windows and a double-height ceiling, providing the area with a sense of grandeur and scale. In order to minimize any acoustical issues as a result of the high ceilings and concrete floors, the team utilized acoustical panels, ceiling clouds and lighting fixtures to balance out the sound. The cafe also opens up to a private terrace overlooking gorgeous views of downtown Stamford, which functions as additional space for collaboration and socialization.

Activity-Based Work Environment

The office features an open plan workspace with a number of small breakout rooms and areas for phone calls, small meetings and focus work. Following the activity-based work model, employees have a wide variety of work areas to choose from based on their tasks, with each room providing a unique experience through its colors, textures and size. Additionally, each conference room as well as certain huddle rooms contain full video conferencing capabilities ensuring seamless communication with their international offices and remote employees.