Upgraded Workplace for Astute Financial Services Firm

Modern, Yet Timeless Environment

Moving from one iconic building to another, Nearwater Capital relocated from the Seagram Building to a new 17,300 square foot workplace at One Vanderbilt. The boutique firm tasked MKDA with creating a modern, yet timeless design to emulate its growing prominence in the financial market. The team subsequently infused the space with warm elegance, highlighting the client’s impressive art collection and extraordinary views, to establish a luxurious, memorable experience for its employees and clients.

Hand-Selected Materials and Customized Details

The overall space features a sleek, minimalist backdrop, implementing clean symmetrical lines, white marble and recessed lighting fixtures throughout to establish a bright and calming environment. MKDA complemented the coolness of these elements with warm wood furnishings and appliances. Adding in a modern component, the team selected glass office fronts and expansive windows to accentuate the gorgeous Midtown skyline while also maintaining openness and transparency. Certain details, such as the unique curved glass outlining the main conference room and prominent art pieces in reception and collaborative areas, further enhance the luxurious nature of the workplace.