Resimercial Workplace Feels Like Home

Papa began due to a personal need that Andrew Parker, CEO and Founder of Papa, had with his own grandfather. Papa pairs older adults and families with Papa Pals for companionship and assistance with everyday tasks.

Honoring the Andrew’s grandfather and the familial culture of the office, MKDA approached Papa’s new headquarters in downtown Miami by honing in on the true feeling of home. The team employed a resimercial approach, starting with an informal living room setting in lieu of a formal reception area with vintage-inspired furniture, textures, and patterns. Mustard yellow, mohair and wool, wood trunk tables, and a rocker set the stage for a mid-century comeback. The custom walnut feature wall enhances that atmosphere and creates a separation from the work area. The result is a public reception area and conference center physically separated, but visually connected, to the remainder of the office.