Minimalist Style Accentuates City Skyline

Policygenius, a leading online insurance marketplace, needed a modern space to reflect its transparent, yet impactful corporate identity. MKDA took a minimalist approach in order to highlight the main attraction of the space – its breathtaking views. The simple, unpretentious aesthetic and neutral color palette frames the surrounding skyline and ocean, creating a unique New York City atmosphere. The team similarly capitalized on the expansive ceilings, unique pendant lighting, and open floor plan to establish an airy, loft-like feel. An interconnecting staircase was installed to enhance the vertical experience.

Human-Centric Elements Establish Communal Culture

Focusing on flexibility and the need to accommodate a variety of work styles, MKDA included a number of areas for focus work, collaboration, and socialization. The space features a balanced mix of benching, conference and huddle rooms, and multiple breakout areas, which gives employees the freedom to choose where and how to work based on their needs. Additionally, the entire 5th floor is dedicated to Policygenius’s communal culture, complete with a large event space and training room. An array of seating options and movable furniture maximizes flexibility, allowing the space to function as both a communal cafe and assembly area.