Inviting, Rustic Charm

Riko’s Pizza is a local, family-owned pizzeria, specifically known for their one-of-a-kind thin crust pizza and 70 year old secret recipe. Understanding the importance of a well-designed restaurant for customer satisfaction, Riko’s consulted with MKDA to help select the finishes, lighting and furniture at their Stamford restaurant. They wanted to establish an industrial, laid back theme while also adding warmth to the space to create a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.

Upon entering Riko’s, individuals are greeted with a casual, neighborhood bar feeling that immediately puts them at ease. Exposed ductwork and brick are juxtaposed with hewn wood plank wall paneling and string lights generating a rustic and homey environment. Strategically placed flat screen televisions and bar seating beckons customers to enjoy their experience beyond eating, encouraging them to stay and watch the game with their peers.

Tribute to Family

Building on the warm ambience, MKDA emphasized the family history behind the founding of Riko’s Pizza. Family being a central aspect of its identity, the restaurant features multiple large scale, black and white photographs of the original family on the walls. These pictures not only serve as a tribute to the restaurant’s history, but also convey the message that anyone who comes in, whether it be customers or staff, becomes part of the family as well.