Fun Workspace with Multiple Breakout Areas

Schireson was already occupying space at 5 Bryant Park and wanted their new space to feel like a new and improved version of it. The main challenge for the MKDA team was to transform a pre-built design into a space that would feel uniquely Schireson. The project team, therefore, took the existing industrial design and refined it to make it more homey and reflective of their youthful culture.

Lounge Space with Practical Functions

The two large executive offices feel like high-end lounges with sofas and industrial mullion office fronts, providing a more casual atmosphere. An open lounge space features a custom powered couch where employees can relax during the work day. It also strategically separates the reception and pantry area from the workspace, allowing for noise control and optimal functionality. Moreover, the terraces are fully furnished, which offers employees the ability to work outside and take in the beautiful views of Bryant Park.

Custom-Made Wooden Bar

The project team incorporated a number of fun details and experiences into the space as well. They installed a custom-made wooden bar, which simultaneously serves as a fully-stocked beer and coffee bar, work area and reception desk. It is primarily an entertaining way to welcome guests and offer them a taste of Schireson’s dynamic culture. It also functions as an alternative space for employees to work and as a central gathering spot for socialization at the beginning or end of the workday. Additionally, the office contains a game room with an old-fashioned pinball machine and large neon version of their logo in the elevator lobby, capturing their lively brand.